The ocean wave

What’s your favourite sea story? You’d think from what I say elsewhere on this site that mine was Treasure Island. But you’d be wrong! TI comes second. Number One is The Odyssey. Nearly three thousand years old and still the best. I think it’s been an influence on every other tale of the sea that has since been written.

The future of books

There’s a lot of speculation at present about whether (or when) ebooks will become more commonplace than the printed versions. What then is the future of hardbacks? Will the most traditional of all forms of reading die out? Perhaps those already on our shelves will become novelty items in the not-too-distant future.


Welcome to┬áthe website of David K Bryant. I’m starting a new career — as an author of fiction. Apart from the need to do extensive research and spend many hours at a keyboard, that new enterprise is opening a number of other new doors for me. One of them is having my own website and another is communicating through this blog. I intend to use it to share some of the inner thoughts of a writer and also to have some fun. I hope you will join me in that.