Where are they now?

When I write books and take my characters through a string of surprises, challenges and setbacks, they become more and more real to me. Inside my head, I’ll ask them what they’ve got to say about the latest situation they’re in; what they’re going to do about it. They usually answer by telepathy, but that’s another topic.

The point is that they become so real to me, I wonder why happens to them after the climax of the book. I hope they’re ok.

In “Beyond the Last Hill”, released this year by Doce Blant Publishing, I created Sally Fisher, a journalist so determined to get the scoop that she faced down death threats, the police and her own editor. The story was set in 1968 when Sally was 23…so now she’s nearly 73. What’s happened in the meantime, Sally? You’re probably active in something; maybe sitting outside a government office in the rain, campaigning for better pensions. Or maybe you mellowed and took up knitting. Do you have grandchildren?

The other lead in the book was Major Dan Barrington of the United States Army. He was 33 then, so he’s getting on 83 now. He was an American football player, strikingly well-built and fit. Perhaps he’s taken up some less-active pastime like darts or Lego.

Come to me in my dreams, Sally and Dan, and give me an update, please.