Manchester tragedy

They went to see an Ariana Grande concert and 22 of them did not come out alive. Another 59 at the last count are in hospital, some of them in critical condition.
One of the first of the dead to be named was an eight-year-old girl.
By the nature of the event, most of the victims were probably younger than 30.
The suicide bomber was in England only because his family had found sanctuary here from Colonel Gaddafi’s mad regime in Libya.
So what argument did he have with children?
I guess it was the same argument as the other terrorist had – the one who mowed down tourists and Londoners on Westminster Bridge just two months ago, then stabbed a policeman to death.
Now the army is on the streets in the UK, a nation known for its tolerance, a nation where every race and faith (including Muslim) has joined in the grieving and the memorial services.
And tragically, no matter how many of the sneaky random murderers blow themselves up, or get shot by the police, there will be always be more of them coming along with their bombs, guns and knives.
it’s not a war on terrorism — it’s a war on rats from the sewers. And there is no way of exterminating all the rats in the sewers.

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