“Now Taking a Lover” – poetry


        • by Michelle Toussaint

        • Latin American and Caribbean poetry 

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  • Now Taking A Lover, chronicles a woman’s journey from Spurned lover, to finding love. Who would think that the path to Her intended, would be through an erotic encounter with a lover or two? 

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  • Michelle Toussaint is your typical Island Girl. Born and raised on the beautiful island of Antigua, she fell in love with the written word at a very early age. Opinionated, Strong Willed, Powerful, Determent, Mother, Friend, Lover. These are her adjectives. What are yours?

  • And Then He Said Sorry

    He told me heartily that she meant nothing,

    Her tender nothings, reciprocated by him meant nill,

    “See ‘cause he had been lonely

    And her most appealing quality was that she was needy,”

    And he proceeded to explain reverently that… you see,

    That she had peppered her rhetoric with tender compliments and subtle tributes to his ego,

    Finally she had been so bold as to utter through lips blushed with loving smiles

    “I love you”…..

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    Website: My poetry blog Death by expectations is the place to get more of my poetry and updates on what comes next.

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