Pirates and Privateers

Hi. You may well be on my website because you’re a fan of Captain Flint or other pirates (perhaps even real ones).

Well, I have some great news for you. There’s a terrific online magazine run by my friend Cindy Vallar which tells the stories of all the most infamous buccaneers and, what’s more, it unravels the myths and gets at the truth of what happened under the fluttering Skull and Crossbones. The fact is just as bloody as the fiction but, by the powers, it’s fascinating stuff.

This is how Cindy describes her magazine:

“Within these pages of Pirates & Privateers, you’ll find articles on all aspects of maritime piracy from ancient times to modern day. Pirate Articles is an annotated list of all the articles I’ve written. Pirate Links is an annotated list of the best web sites that specialize in piracy and life at sea from early days through the Age of Sail. The Book Review pages house the reviews on the latest fiction and non-fiction pirate and maritime books for children and adults. Other highlights include specialized bibliographies, piratical places to visit, pirate dates in history, piracy quotes, and information about The Rebel and the Spy, my current novel-in-progress that started me on the path of piracy.”

So here’s the link to Cindy’s site – and remember that anyone who breaches her copyright will be hanged from the yardarm.


Pirates and PrivateersPirate Flag
The History of Maritime Piracy

Cindy Vallar, Editor & Reviewer

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