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This is where I showcase some books you may not yet have discovered – but I’m sure you would enjoy.

  • Mooreeffoc ~by~ Tetiana Aleksina and Tony Single
  • One Pulse: Cradle 2 Grave ~by~ Tetiana Aleksina and Tony Single
  • Romancing the Guardians ~by~ Lyn Horner
  • Revelations of the Anonymous ~by~ Stacey Marcus
  • Dangerous Creatures ~by~ Catherine Mesick
  • Twinkleberry Pie for My Birthday ~by~ Emmy Jane
  • The Deja Vu Chronicles ~by~ Marti Melville
  • To be a Duke ~by~ Emily-Jane Hills Orford
  • Hands on Health ~by~ Paula M. Youmell
  • Echoes ~by~ P.J. Roscoe
  • After ~by~ AR Neal
  • Patches ~by~ Elizabeth Grace
  • Chemo on the Rocks ~by~ Rebecca L. Durkin
  • Exodus Left ~by~ Kathleen Gaffney
  • Polarity in Motion ~by~ Brenda Vicars
  • The Peacock Butterfly ~by~ J.V. Lamotte

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by Tetiana Aleksina and Tony Single

Dark fantasy



Mooreeffoc. The act of seeing the ordinary in a new and unexpected light.
Imagine, if you will, two ordinary mortals meeting in an ordinary café late one ordinary evening. What isn’t ordinary is that two gods are pulling their strings behind the scenes. Only those gods know why. But who governs the gods? Who dares make puppets of the puppet masters? The truth may surprise you. This contemporary fantasy tale is the first collaboration of Ukraine’s Tetiana Aleksina and Australia’s Tony Single. They are the minds behind the popular prose and poetry blog Unbolt Me.


A ‘T’ on its own doesn’t seem too dangerous, but add another one and you’ll get an explosive chemical reaction. Yes, like TNT they make a noise, and that’s exactly the kind of thing Tati and Tony love to do! You see, this strange international duo don’t care much for good manners. They prefer their Ukrainian and Australian creative sensibilities to clash in a big way to make big words and big bangs, and they love people to watch!

Sigh. Another evening. Another stranger. And probably the same outcome.

‘Do you really want to know all about me?’ Her voice is playful. That’s a change. Usually she won’t make the effort to hide her boredom. She must be in a good mood.

‘Of course!’

Her legs shift beneath me. She leans forward. I have no intention of moving so I gently dig in. She doesn’t notice. Something about this stranger intrigues her. That’s fine. I’m sleepy and this lap is my soft, warm throne. I purr more insistently, just to remind her that royalty is still present.


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by Tetiana Aleksina and Tony Single

Poetry anthology


Once upon a time, two self-proclaimed writers decided to have a poetry battle. What do you think remained when the smoke cleared? No, not innocent victims but a strange boy and girl, the Grim Reaper, a handful of poems with survivor’s guilt, and a book called One Pulse: Cradle 2 Grave, a bizarre rumination on life, love, and death. With pictures! It’s brought to you by Tetiana Aleksina and Tony Single, the same perverted minds behind the popular poetry/prose site Unbolt Me.

A ‘T’ on its own doesn’t seem too dangerous, but add another one and you’ll get an explosive chemical reaction. Yes, like TNT they make a noise, and that’s exactly the kind of thing Tati and Tony love to do! You see, this strange international duo don’t care much for good manners. They prefer their Ukrainian and Australian creative sensibilities to clash in a big way to make big words and big bangs, and they love people to watch!

My name was erased from the
golden family plate.
I got a suitcase, some bank-notes
and a closed gate.
But I’m not offended. It’s better to
be a hellraiser
than to belong to the gold miner
dynasty… and to be born a stargazer.


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Two book-series by Lyn Horner

Romantic suspense/supernatural


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00074]

Lara Spenser is running for her life. She guards a treasured relic from ages past that her ruthless enemies want to get their hands on. Although she has escaped to Ireland, her sixth sense tells her the “Hellhounds” are drawing near. Injured in a car wreck that killed her beloved uncle, the High Guardian, she desperately needs a bodyguard.

Enter Connor O’Shea, ex-Special Forces soldier. On vacation in Ireland, he meets Lara and his protective instinct compels him to keep her safe. Romance soon blooms between them, but while Conn protects Lara, can he free her from emotional wounds that hold her prisoner? Will she fulfill her destiny as the new High Guardian?


Clothed in faded jeans, a dark shirt, black leather jacket and boots, with studded leather gloves protruding from one pocket, he looked like he belonged in a motorcycle gang.

“Mum, this is Mr. O’Shea,” Una said tightly, eyeing the man with a disapproving scowl.

Lara forced a stiff smile. “Thank you for coming, Mr. O’Shea. I’m Lara Spenser.” Receiving a silent nod in reply, she glanced at her housekeeper. “That will be all, Una. I’ll ring if I need you.”

. . . As the door closed behind him, he cleared his throat. “Sorry for staring. I wasn’t expecting . . . .” He pointed toward her wheelchair.


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00074]

Michaela Peterson can read minds but can she tell good from evil? A Guardian of Danu sworn to protect one of seven prophetic scrolls, she’s stunned when a stranger brings word that her revered leader, the former High Guardian, has been murdered by “Hellhounds” who want the scrolls. She’s attracted to the handsome messenger, but is he trustworthy or out to steal the scroll she guards?

Dev Medina recognizes Michaela as the woman of his dreams. He believes she is meant for him, but can he win her trust and unlock her heart before the Hellhounds come for her?


“Let go of the door!” she demanded, angry color flooding her cheeks.

“Un-uh. Is the doc here? Tell him I must speak to him. Now.”

She glared ice-cold daggers at him. “I am the doc!” she said through gritted teeth. “And I demand you let go of my door!”

Stunned, Dev nearly lost his hold. “You’re Dr. Michael Peterson?”

“No, you dunderhead! I’m Dr. Michaela Peterson. Now release this door and leave right now, or I will call the police.”

“Ah, hell!” Feeling like a damn fool, Dev sighed and shook his head. “I’m sorry, ma’am, I mean Dr. Peterson. I got the code wrong. I missed the ‘A’ at the end of your name.”


Lyn in cat shirt cropped.2

Lyn Horner resides in Fort Worth, Texas, with her husband and several very spoiled cats. Trained in the visual arts, Lyn worked as a fashion illustrator and art instructor before taking up writing. She loves crafting passionate, action packed love stories, both historical and contemporary. Her Texas Devlins series blends Old West settings, steamy romance and a glimmer of the mysterious. This series has won multiple awards and nominations.

Lyn is now writing CAPTURING GABRIEL, book 3 in her Romancing the Guardians series. These books combine her trademark supernatural flashes with Irish folklore and a chilling prophetic theme. All feature action, suspense and sizzling romance.

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Poetry, inspirational, spiritual

“have the courage to pursue the wisdom of your soul”



After hiding in the garage on a dusty shelf for nearly 20 years, Stacey Marcus has finally found the courage to reveal her painful truth with the release of her first book of poetry, Revelations Of The Anonymous.

In transcendent, simple words, Stacey has found a way to tell the story of her dark journey through tragedy into triumph.

Written over a twenty-five year period, this collection of poems and thoughts is the voice of one anonymous woman’s genuine power to stir, inspire and provoke one’s peace of mind.

Stacey Marcus is a mom, a wife, and a survivor of practically every imaginable abuse and has gone on to become a beacon of light to others.



Bio: I’m 52 and still I find myself walking out of a long, dark tunnel and into the light. I thought I’d be out by now! Nope, still walking. Yet, it’s as though my right leg is stretching out of the tunnel and my left leg is begging to follow. I can feel the rays of the sun on my hair. This thing, called “My Life,” has been an insane, treacherous, and often disturbing, voyage. And yet, I am still here. Proof that anything is possible with a little help from my friends.

I am a mom, a wife and a survivor of practically every abuse imaginable. I’ve even rebounded from the throes of addiction. I am someone with a story to tell. I am a humanitarian, a champion for women, children, elders and animals. I believe in a higher power and find solace in its presence. On these pages, I will share my innermost thoughts … things I find to be incredibly bizarre, thought provoking, amusing or whimsical and sometimes serious. I will speak right from my heart, from years of experience and it is my hope that you take away with you some inspiration and perhaps, with luck, some peace of mind. Consider me a friend and please join me for an exhilarating ride!



Tomorrow’s love is such a funny thing.

My thoughts calm in his melody.

To dream of him in yesterday’s reach

it feels as though I have embraced him

Could it be he did see me?

Afraid to lose him, before I touch him

now I found him, I dare to keep him.

Time will tell what my love does mean

It may just be a dead end dream.

His body’s close, yet his mind seems far

My soul has embraced him

he’s scorched me with love’s scar.

Afraid to lose him, before I hold him

now I found him, how can I keep him?

“have the courage to pursue the wisdom of your soul”


Website Address:

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Young adult paranormal


Dangerous Creatures final (1)

When sixteen-year-old Katie Wickliff runs across a vampire with a silver stake through his heart, she knows trouble is starting in her quiet hometown. And when a mysterious correspondent starts leaving her messages of warning, Katie learns that trouble has arrived: vampires are disappearing, and Katie is getting the blame.

She soon learns that matters are even worse than she feared: an ancient and invincible vampire known as the Hunter has been released from his tomb, and his mission is to capture Katie.

Forced to flee her home to protect her loved ones, and pursued by rogue vampires, Katie must find a way to stop the unstoppable Hunter—before she becomes his latest—and greatest—prize.



Catherine Mesick is the author of the young adult Pure Series: Pure, Firebird, and Dangerous Creatures. She has also written two children’s books, The Sword of Sefu and The Collector. She lives in Silver Spring, Maryland, and enjoys creating stories every day. “Any day I don’t get to dream up something new, I miss it!”




The words were written on a sheet of paper that had been wrapped around a rock.

I looked up and down the street in the gathering gloom. Not only was the street completely deserted, but the neighborhood itself was quiet and still as if no one had stirred in a long time.

I’d been sitting in the living room, staring out the window, watching the sun sinking behind the houses across the street and waiting for William. I’d felt a strange softness in the air, and a sense of peace settled over me that I hadn’t felt in a long time. I felt as if I had no need to be afraid.

Though the stars had not yet come out, I’d seemed to see them before my eyes—both above me and below me. I’d felt myself sinking pleasantly into darkness.

Then there had been a sudden, sharp crack at the window, and I’d hurried out to see what it was.

As I looked around now, a sensation stole over me that I had felt once before. I felt as if the silence around me was watchful—as if the very air were holding its breath, waiting to see what I would do.

I shivered.

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Twinkleberry Pie for My Birthday is about a girl who believes she can ride a horse independently because she has been learning to ride since age two. She thinks her parents do not believe the same, as they have never allowed her to ride without her mother holding a safety rope attached to the family horse. On the day of her sixth birthday, an occasion she thinks her parents have forgotten, she learns her assumptions are far from true when she receives a pony of her own.



Emmy Jane was born and raised in upstate NY, where riding horses was part of her everyday life. Though time took her elsewhere, she never forgot her love of horses or the lessons they taught her. Along the way, after acquiring two masters degrees in her Field, she left her doctoral candidacy in Clinical Psychology to start a family. Over the past several years, watching her children grow has often reminded her of life lessons she learned through her pony. Those reminders and her professional background inspired Emmy Jane’s first children’s book series. It begins with the story of Twinkleberry Pie for My Birthday, an uplifting family tale about a girl who learns her assumptions are far from true on a day spent with a new pony.

Long-term goal/current project:

My ultimate goal is to diversify my writing across genres through different ideas that have been taking shape. For now, I’m sketching outlines for the remainder of the Twinkleberry Pie series and developing storylines for more children’s books. Currently, the manuscript for Twinkleberry Pie in Wizzie’s Orchard is complete and undergoing the illustration process.



“Quite some time later, I thought about the sunny spring morning a pony came into my life. It hit me that I had been so silly to think my parents would forget what day I was born. In the midst of my silliness, I sure wasn’t expecting Twinkie for a present. My mom and dad didn’t exactly buy horses often. Their huge present definitely let me know that they wanted me to be happy, which was great, but it showed me something else too…”


People can see more about my books and events on my author page within my publisher’s website, They can also find information on my Facebook and Goodreads author pages, or my Twitter page:

Twinkleberry Pie for My Birthday was just released at the end of April. So far, it is available in both print and kindle formats on Amazon at Also, anyone who shops at Chicago area Target stores can buy print copies there. I’ll post announcements on my website author pages, Twitter and Google+ as the book becomes available elsewhere.

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          • by Marti Melville

          • Paranormal historical romance 


    • MidnightOmen_Kindle_600 (1)Midnight Omen (book 1)
  • Besieged by the supernatural, modern day teens are haunted by 18th Century marauders, but when faced with life on board an ancient ship, they learn their survival depends on haunting events lived long ago as Caribbean pirates.           
  • SilverMoon_Kindle_600 (1)Silver Moon (book 2)
  • Faced with mortality, 18th Century teens must decide between civility and a life of depredation, but when confronted with threats from a brigand ship, Seth and Kathryn exploit the craftiness learned from living with Caribbean pirates as they fight against justice and honor to defeat an evil Celtic deity. 
  • OnyxRising_Kindle_600Onyx Rising (book 3)
  • Obscurity conceals the moon and the black omen rises.  Maelstrom and dark deeds follow those who sail Caribbean waters.  Their captain is presumed dead, which leaves the crew of the Revenge to seek other ways to survive and fresh ships to plunder.Kathryn meanders through the darkness and discovers a hidden treasure lay buried in secrets hidden within the dead.  Magic and mysticism weaves through the Caribbean Sea as the Onyx Moon hovers.

  • Author Photo copy (1)
  • MARTI MELVILLE (Author, Screenwriter)
  • website:
  • Marti Melville is an American novelist and screenwriter known for her debut novel series, The Deja vu Chronicles.  Marti has expanded her writing to include screenwriting with each of her books adapted for film.Before Marti found her true calling as a successful author, she had long established her career in the medical field, specializing in Emergency and Trauma nursing. Marti spent several years working between Utah and California in various ER’s, as a Mobile Intensive Care Nurse and medical personnel for the 2002 Winter Olympics, all the while raising her five children as a single mother.She has a background in dance, music and acting as well. She continues to write novels, introducing the idea of fictional probability linked to historical events.   Marti currently resides in Southern California.
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  • Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00010]
  • Bronwen Mortimer moves to a quiet village on the outskirts of Shrewsbury, England, in the hope of starting a new life after suffering years of abuse, but the echoes of the land will never lie quietly and when she witnesses a murder, she must face the past and win to have any chance of living in the present.A supernatural thriller moving between present day and 15th century when Henry Tudor claimed the throne. There were many casualties of war, but some refuse to be forgotten.

  • Paula Moel Fammau 37 small file (1)P.J Roscoe is the award-winning author of ‘Echoes’, ‘Freya’s Child’ and the enchanting collection of faerie stories, ‘Adventures of Faerie folk’ for young children. She has two short stories in Anthologies, ‘Love Alters’ and ‘Steps in Time’. She lives in North Wales and writes every day, walks in nature, connects with spirit and believes in faeries! She says, “If I couldn’t write, it would be like asking me not to breathe, so I continue and enjoy life, I never merely exist!”

  • Outside the rain had finally stopped.  The large black clouds raced across the pitch black sky and the wind blew strong, bending the branches on the trees. For a moment the quarter moon shone down and cast shadows. Silently, the one shadow moved. It stayed close to the hedge and stood for a while by the broken gate, watching … waiting. The clouds blew across the moon and the shadow was gone; it was dark again.Website address links
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  • “AFTER”

    by AR NEAL

    Contemporary fiction


  • AftercoverWhat happens when the ordinary world ends? Marlena Jacoby finds herself alone after her husband Darius, and many other people, disappear; some call it the Rapture of the Bible, others say aliens are responsible, while others blame terrorism. As Marlena reflects on her husband’s faith tradition and beliefs, she and her friends start seeing parallels between what is going on around them and what the Bible seems to suggest. Who is the mysterious Ibrahim Johannes Naifeh? Have the followers of Puka Ripusaq started a war that will destroy everyone on the planet? Who will survive the Dark and what happens when the Pale appears? Follow Marlena’s journey of self-discovery and redemption as she discovers what happens “After.”

  • arn_profile22015Andreé Robinson-Neal got bit by the writing bug back in the late 1970s while watching Rod Serling and reading Ray Bradbury; although she worked in education for more than a quarter-century, she has never been cured of her penchant for speculative fiction. Find some of her flash fiction She writes under the name AR Neal, who will hopefully one day be identified as a famous NaNoWriMo participant. She reads more than she sleeps.

    Marlena shredded the fresh parmesan onto her antipasto salad. “What am I doing?” she asked the sparkling and empty kitchen; Darius had disappeared, along with a large number of other people, just over three weeks ago. The news blathered throughout the house around the clock and suggested everything from mass alien abduction to terrorism.

    Occasionally she turned to the channels Darius watched before work: the few men and women still broadcasting suggested something else, something about judgment and turmoil, through tear-stained faces and runny makeup. The other channels Darius watched were on but not broadcasting. Whenever she paused on one of those stations she found cameras focused on stage sets without people. She guessed they too had vanished like Darius.

    Website address:

    Buy links: (Amazon); (Barnes & Noble)

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Patches was a good cat. She never clawed the carpet or messed up the furniture so when she is abandoned it comes as quite the shock. Having never been outside-or without a kitty litter box-Patches must rely on new friends including Whiskers, Tiger, Leah and a handful of others, as she learns to survive in an unfamiliar terrain. While trying to fit in, Patches inadvertently creates a conflict between the Long Haired Cats and the Short Haired ones! Patches is the story of one cat’s determination to learn the ropes of living outdoors and her realization that cats are cats, no matter their hair length!



Elizabeth Grace was born and raised in Minnesota where she spent most of her time either exploring the woods or finding new pets to adopt. Her love of animals and adventure is what has inspired both her children’s book, “A Hollywood Tail” and “Patches.” Moving to Miami, Elizabeth spent weekends exploring all that the nature side of South Florida had to offer. From the Everglades to Key West to hidden gems throughout Miami, her adventures have now become a travel book “24 Hours Miami.” Elizabeth invites you to join her in her journeys and to connect with her on her blog:


Like most pets, I knew I was only one mistake away from becoming homeless. An accident in the living room or knocking over the wrong vase and I would end up on the streets with other abandoned house pets. I never expected it to happen to me because I was a good– well, most of the time, good cat.


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Chemo on the Rocks is a shoreside seat on Rebecca (Becky) Durkin’s great Alaskan misadventure. It highlights the hilarity and heartache of a young girl who finds herself marooned in Ketchikan—fondly known as “The Rock”—where she remains on her self-imposed Alaskatraz for almost thirty years.

Chemo on the Rocks is witty, inspirational, satirical, and sometimes terrifying. It is a mix of pain and laughter as Becky walks the IV gauntlet, trailing behind the unfettered back end peeking through the drab hospital gown of the man shuffling before her.  Chemo on the Rocks is a hard-fought battle in the fallopian trenches where Becky wages war on ovarian cancer–the ultimate wedding crasher–as it invites an entire medical team into her honeymoon suite.  She slays the cancer dragon and has two children in defiance of the beast, but just when it seems life has returned to normalcy, she prematurely crashes onto Mount Hysteria and wanders aimlessly through the Hormone War Zone in the Land of the Ovary Snatchers.

Everything about having chemo on the rock was made more difficult by Becky’s fears of boating and flying—the only escape from the island—which became more terrifying with each trip to Seattle for surgery or testing. Chemo on the Rocks showcases the many parallels between sea adventures and cancer adventures, such as doldrums while awaiting diagnosis, the skull and cross bones of chemo, the bitter end of a failed marriage, tying the knot of another, listing dangerously, and perhaps a return to navigable waters.



Rebecca Durkin, author of Chemo on the Rocks: My Great Alaskan Misadventure, and her short story, Behind the Smile, is known for her candor and sense of humor.

Rebecca is a featured speaker/creative trainer for an annual women’s retreat in California, where she shares her experiences and provides writing ideas. She is also a volunteer for the Survivors Teaching Students: Saving Women’s Lives ® program for the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance. The program brings ovarian cancer survivors into the classroom where they present their unique stories along with facts about the disease to future physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and physicians assistants.

Rebecca spent the majority of her life living on the edge of the shore, first on Whidbey Island, Washington and then in rainy Ketchikan, Alaska where she lived a waterlogged existence for almost thirty years.  She currently lives in the Pacific Northwest where she enjoys road trips with her husband, hanging with her adult children, playing with her three Bichons, and finding the humor in everyday life.



Slowly it began to dawn on me—this secrecy—if it was work related, or if he didn’t want dinner, he wouldn’t be acting so weird. He wouldn’t be buying time. He’d be laughing by now if I’d caught him in a surprise for me.

There was something else going on. I started to feel electrical impulses under my skin as itchy red spots grew on my neck. This had something to do with me. Something big. I dropped the eyeglasses I’d probably bent by that point and sat on the swivel stool.

“Mike, who’s the meeting with?”


“What’s going on?” The tone in my voice warned Elaine things were serious.

“I’m meeting with your doctor.”


“At five o’clock. I have a meeting with your doctor.”

“Pick me up at a quarter till. I’m coming along.”

The details are sketchy, but the clinic staff looked concerned as the nurse invited us to sit in an office instead of an examining room. I sat next to Mike and stared at official certificates and paintings hanging on the wall of the dark office. My family doctor came in, sat down at his orderly desk, and attempted to tell me I had cancer—Ovarian Cancer. I thought I saw a hint of tears in his eyes as he explained he had been in touch with an Oncologist—a new word I would begin to know well—whose recommendation was I fly immediately to Seattle, Washington to meet with him. I asked my doctor a few questions about what he thought I should do.  He recommended I get on the plane.



First off, I have read the other reviews and some of them were written by people known to the author. I declare that I have never met Rebecca Durkin and am making my judgement purely on what is between the covers of Chemo on the Rocks.

Wow, what a subject for a book. We all have something in us that says approach the cancer subject with care – as though it were contagious. It’s a subject we avoid because of inner fears. People who’ve had it often don’t want to talk, just like those traumatized war veterans don’t want to discuss the carnage they saw.

Rebecca Durkin breaks down the cancer barrier, and hold still, reader, this does not mean that her memoir is stuffed with misery and pathos. Far from it, she generates wide smiles and wry grins while looking at some of the more drastic effects of ovarian tumors. She finds irony and ridicule along the route of her treatment and some of the reactions of the people involved. Much of it happened in Ketchikan, Alaska, which she likens to Alcatraz. The Birdman himself could not have felt more lonely and isolated.

I was left not sad for Rebecca, although sympathy is due, but more like uplifted because what came across was the courage, fortitude and determination of an admirable lady. I’m so glad that she is with us to tell the tale. I’m sure other sufferers will benefit from her candor.

If you’re still worried about how all this will read, then you need to know about Rebecca’s fluent style. Just sample some of the phraseology from her own description of the book:

“Chemo on the Rocks is a hard-fought battle in the fallopian trenches.”

“She prematurely crashes onto Mount Hysteria and wanders aimlessly through the Hormone War Zone.”

Take a break from the thrillers and fantasies and enjoy, yes enjoy, a dramatic true story.

Amazon link:

Christine F. Anderson Publishing:

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Exodus Left

Description of book:

There is an old Buddhist Proverb that tells us “When the student is ready, the master appears.” So many wanted to believe that this was our final opportunity to turn the world right side up. So many followed the words and emulated the teachings. Just as many denounced them and defiled all that they were shown and given. He was born to us on a stormy wintry night in Bethlehem. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania that is.



Kathleen Gaffney has written a number of op-eds and editorials for numerous New England newspapers. Her previous works of fiction have been adapted to the screen. Originally from Long Island New York, Kathy now divides her time between homes in Northern Virginia and Southwestern Vermont.




I sat down in my most comfortable of chairs, parked myself straight in front of my computer and typed just as I was told to do. I had a story to tell – an exceptionally important one; one that perhaps rivaled the greatest story ever told. Well, at least it might come to eventually be regarded as the second greatest story ever told. In reality though, it wasn’t really a story in the most genuine sense of the word. It was pretty much simply a narrative of what had transpired during the course of the past three decades during the time I had come to know him.

He had told me to impart the story to people in a serial narrative. In other words, not necessarily write it all in one gargantuan text as it were, but rather meter it out so that it’s easier to take in and one would be best able to comprehend all that needed to be told.

The trouble was, I was never a writer. I was basically, to use archaic terminology – a homemaker, a mother. Nonetheless, I have done my best here to recall how things came to be and why things exist the way they exist and ultimately how to make things better for humankind, for it seems we certainly do not have that part down.

Lastly, I was told that once it had been written, I’d know in some fashion or another if my work was satisfactory and good. I surely hoped so, because I have done what has been asked of me and must leave the rest to everyone else.

When I completed my account of the events as best as I could recall them, I simply sent it off via e-mail possessing no other manner in which to send it. I brought my arrow up to the first line of my electronic mail wherein the “salutation” was always placed or, in other words, where the page asked “to” i.e.: to whose attention and/or e-mail address did I want to direct my written material or e-mail text to. I typed in simply the word “GOD” and clicked the “send” tab.

My computer brought up a notice reading: “YOUR MESSAGE HAS BEEN SENT.”

That was last Thursday.

And here is a copy of what was sent.


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Polarity-in-Motion-Author Copy

Fifteen-year-old Polarity Weeks just wants to lead a normal life, but with a mother diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, that’s rarely easy.

Her life gets more disastrous when her sixth-period history classmates start ogling a nude picture of her on the Internet. Polarity would never have struck such a shameless pose, but she’s at a complete loss to explain its existence.

Child Protective Services yanks her from her home, suspecting her parents. The kids at school mock her, assuming she took it herself. And Ethan, the boy she was really starting to like, backpedals and joins the taunting chorus.


Brenda Vicars has worked in Texas public education for many years. Her jobs have included teaching, serving as a principal, and directing student support programs. For three years, she also taught college English to prison inmates.

She entered education because she felt called to teach, but her students taught her the biggest lesson: the playing field is not even for all kids. Through her work, she became increasingly compelled to bring their unheard voices to the page. The heartbeat of her fiction emanates from the courage and resiliency of her students.


Deputy Gonzales changed the subject. “I love your name, Polarity. Is there a story behind that?”

“Mom knows that BPD can cause her to see people as perfect or evil. She named me Polarity, spanning positive and negative, to remind her that I’m not one or the other.” The deputy and Mrs. Sims froze—surprised and listening. “She wanted to be sure that she never judged me the way that borderlines tend to do.” I hardly ever tell people this, but I guess the hundreds of questions yesterday and today were wearing me down.

For once Mrs. Sims didn’t write on a form.  She and Deputy Gonzales sat in silence as if waiting for more. I let them wait—there was nothing more to say.

“Polarity in Motion” is available from:

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Stretching a book over a period over fifty years is not an easy prospect. It’s difficult enough to keep on track when dealing with one historical decade. J.V. Lamotte’s courage in tackling the challenge pays off handsomely in this story of two families. We start by walking step by step with our heroine Nena through World War II and we end up in the far different age of 1990. It’s a history lesson on the second half of the 20th Century and the big events of those days revolve around the lives of the protagonists.



J. V. Lamotte has been a storyteller all of her life, going back to her youth growing up in central Massachusetts. The Peacock Butterfly is the written extension of this oral tradition that so greatly influenced her childhood dreams. This, her first novel, is the fulfillment of one of those dreams. Having been blessed to travel the world she has drawn on many of her adventures to enrich her writing with the desire and intent to share these experiences with her readers.


The last item she packed was the figurine Ben had given her the first New Year’s Eve they spent together. Holding the figurine in her hands, the myth of the Peacock Butterfly flooded her with emotion.

Legend says the eyes on the wings of the peacock butterfly portend warning, and Buddhism says a butterfly flapping its wings on one continent can cause a tempest in another. With ideas being interlinked, minuscule actions can have wide reaching repercussions. Could not the same thing be said about what happens in relationships?


A sequel The Peacock Butterfly Redux – Second Chances will be published early 2015.

The Peacock Butterfly is available at the following:



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