The varied adventures of a 12-year-old

REVIEW – DOG ISLAND by Ann M. Andrashie

FIVE STARS from me

It’s a big challenge to take a reader back in time. The author has to capture the feelings, attitudes, hopes and fears, and the environment, of the time. In this case that was the early 1970s.

Ann M. Andrashie made more work for herself by putting herself in the head of a 12-year-old girl who’s a misfit. It gets more complicated because our young heroine has to cope with the supernatural, is whisked away to a new and strange home and then puts herself at risk for the sake of saving a dog.

Quite a mix but it all eases together and flows through a gripping sequence of events. It’s got a bit of fairy tale and a bit of witchiepoo. Lots of fun mixed with “how the hell is the writer going to wrap up all this?” She does – wonderfully.

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