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Twinkleberry Pie for My Birthday is about a girl who believes she can ride a horse independently because she has been learning to ride since age two. She thinks her parents do not believe the same, as they have never allowed her to ride without her mother holding a safety rope attached to the family horse. On the day of her sixth birthday, an occasion she thinks her parents have forgotten, she learns her assumptions are far from true when she receives a pony of her own.



Emmy Jane was born and raised in upstate NY, where riding horses was part of her everyday life. Though time took her elsewhere, she never forgot her love of horses or the lessons they taught her. Along the way, after acquiring two masters degrees in her Field, she left her doctoral candidacy in Clinical Psychology to start a family. Over the past several years, watching her children grow has often reminded her of life lessons she learned through her pony. Those reminders and her professional background inspired Emmy Jane’s first children’s book series. It begins with the story of Twinkleberry Pie for My Birthday, an uplifting family tale about a girl who learns her assumptions are far from true on a day spent with a new pony.

Long-term goal/current project:

My ultimate goal is to diversify my writing across genres through different ideas that have been taking shape. For now, I’m sketching outlines for the remainder of the Twinkleberry Pie series and developing storylines for more children’s books. Currently, the manuscript for Twinkleberry Pie in Wizzie’s Orchard is complete and undergoing the illustration process.



“Quite some time later, I thought about the sunny spring morning a pony came into my life. It hit me that I had been so silly to think my parents would forget what day I was born. In the midst of my silliness, I sure wasn’t expecting Twinkie for a present. My mom and dad didn’t exactly buy horses often. Their huge present definitely let me know that they wanted me to be happy, which was great, but it showed me something else too…”


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Twinkleberry Pie for My Birthday was just released at the end of April. So far, it is available in both print and kindle formats on Amazon at Also, anyone who shops at Chicago area Target stores can buy print copies there. I’ll post announcements on my website author pages, Twitter and Google+ as the book becomes available elsewhere.

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