Tyred (tired)

What a stress it is to put air in tyres (American translation = tires). You sit there waiting behind some lame-brain who can’t figure out how to work the machine, what the pressure should be, what to do with the caps once removed, how to fit the hose to the valves, doing contortions trying to watch the screen, fumbling around to retrieve the caps, giving the tyres a kick, climbing back aboard, fiddling with the seat belt, setting the GPS, at last chugging away. Then it’s your turn. Wait, how do you work this damn thing? Oh God, I’ve forgotten what the pressure should be. This damn hose won’t fit the valve. Can’t see the screen. What did I do with those caps? Better kick the tyres coz I’m not sure I did it right. Hell, there’s some impatient driver staring at me like I’m taking too long. For God’s sake, seat belt, will you please clip in. GPS, I do not want to go where I went last Friday. I want to go somewhere different today. For God’s sake, find it. Well, it’s time to chug away.

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